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Zen Fusilier
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Re: Hello!

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pete doree wrote:
Mon Jun 29, 2020 4:38 pm
Hi everybody,
I'm publishing my humour comic 'Stan & Jack' ( all about You-Know-Who )
Two issues out now at petedoree.bigcartel.com & comichaus, and I'm on twitter & instagram.
I picked these up after seeing the first one on downthetubes - enormous fun! Great stuff and definitely recommended to anyone with a passing interest in or knowledge of classic US comic creators.

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Re: Hello!

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Good morning. Just looking around right now...

Liam Naughton
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Re: Hello!

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Hello, my name is Liam Naughton.

I write and draw comics when I'm not working night shift, raising kids or just crying. Currently doing a webcomic called "Re:Grow" and I've done a few other bits and bobs I think.
I enjoy candlelit beaches and long walks on dinner.

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Re: Hello!

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Hi all, Roger “Frying Tiger” Long here, US 2D/3D artist and game designer. Also freelance comic/illustration artist, my original career before I discovered they’d pay me a living wage to make stuff for computer games!

Got about 6 different web comic ideas I’m developing and no time to do them (working full time from home at the moment).

I did just finish a job illustrating a humorous novella in b&w, about 35 single-page panels. Did it for a pal from high school, it’s pretty good.

Always interested in seeing what people are working on since I’m old (had a comic strip in a local newspaper in 1977!) and am drawing for myself since I can’t figure out how to get paid for it!

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Re: Hello!

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I'm a writer, recently featured in 2000AD for the first time (Prog 2182) but I've got a mini-series in the works for another publisher, working on a Graphic Novel pitch, and have a couple commissioned projects that aren't yet announced.

I'm really keen to chat comics and possibly collaborators.

Thanks PJ for setting this up!

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Re: Hello!

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Hello everyone, my name's Eric, I'm a French artist.

I'm a comic books fan since i could read and have been drawing my own since. After years in the fanzine scene, I studied comics art at the ESA Saint Luc in Brussels Belgium. I work regularly in the French independent market for a few small publishers, I tried my hand at several digital formats, a bit of storyboarding for a video game project and for the past two years I also work as a colorist. My part-time day-job consist of teaching art to kids.

My only significant contribution to the English-speaking market so far is a mini-series called Midnight Tiger: Stronger published by ActionLab in 2018. That and a ton of sketchcards for Upperdeck.

Superheroes are my jam but I read and watch many other things. You can find my work on my Artstation and on a more regular basis on my Instagram

Thanks PJ for setting this message board up, I don't know how I'll contribute but you will see me and my broken English around ;) .

DP Martin
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Re: Hello!

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Hi all David here, Dublin-based writer.

Thanks to PJ for setting this up, look forward to getting chatting to people.

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Re: Hello!

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Hello everybody!

I'm Jamie, lapsed and relapsed comic creator now working full time in animation. My webcomic Flamefoxes is based on a Thundercats rip-off I created when I was 6 years old, and I still draw it that way (it helps me to not obsess over every line). Been a while since I updated it, and I'm hoping the switch from Twitter all day every day to a more comics-centric and friendly environment will boost my productivty, mood and hopefully give me ideas and help make some pals!

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Re: Hello!

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Interested amateur with ideas above his station. Looking forward to learning from the forum, and big thanks to PJ for setting it up.

Hello everyone!

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